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Headquarters Address:5F, Tower B, Smart Valley, Tiezai Road, Gong'le Community, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, China.

Songgang Factory Address: No. 5, Jingye Road, Yanchuan, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Vietnamese Factory Address:Road No. 8, Giang Dien Industrial Zone, Giang Dien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
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We regard employees as the most valuable asset of the company, continue to broaden talent introduction and selection channels, discover, cultivate, exercise, and boldly use talents, and support market-oriented salary, performance and incentive mechanisms, and reserve key production management personnel and core technical personnel , Provide talent guarantee for the company's sustainable development.


At E-TEK, we are people-oriented and strive to create a working environment where everyone can realize themselves. As a fast-growing company, I hope we can develop and progress together here.


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Production Manager Regular college Guangdong Province , Shenzhen , Baoan District 1People 2021-12-01
Department: 招聘信息 Age limitation for work: 5-10 years Educational background: Regular college

Job Responsibilities:
1. Strictly implement all kinds of laws, procedures and rules and regulations, link the previous and the next, complete various production tasks, and the work is directly responsible to the deputy general manager of production.
2. In accordance with the company's development strategy, participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy, formulate and optimize the company's production organization structure and team building, and be fully responsible for the daily management of the production department.
3. Responsible for organizing the preparation of annual, quarterly and monthly production plans, equipment maintenance, safety and environmental protection plans. Organize and convene the company's monthly production plan meeting on a regular basis to organize implementation, inspection, coordination, and assessment in a timely manner.
4. Participate in the review of technical management standards, production process flow, and new product development plan, arrange and organize trial production in time, and continuously improve the company's product market competitiveness.
5. Responsible for the special work of safety production, site management, labor protection, and environmental protection.
6. Responsible for the basic management of production statistics and accounting. Pay attention to the management of original production records, ledger reports, and timely compile annual reports, quarterly and monthly production and equipment related statistical reports.
7. Responsible for organizing production management staff, production clerks, and material staff business guidance and training, and regular inspections, assessments and comparisons of their work.
8. Responsible for organizing and formulating the work objectives and work plans of the department, and organizing the implementation in time, guiding, coordinating inspections, and supervising and controlling.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in management or engineering;
2. More than 5 years of management experience in the production department of the electronics industry with more than 500 employees;
3. Familiar with the power production process, quality management system and tools and methods;
4. Goal and result-oriented performance, self-motivation, and strong ability to withstand pressure and execution;
5. Possess excellent planning, organization, communication, coordination and leadership abilities, as well as rich team management and talent training capabilities.

1. Working hours: The company implements a 5.5-day or large- and small-week work system (working on Saturday depends on personal circumstances), 8H/day;
2. Social security: the company purchases five social insurances and one housing fund and annual physical examinations for employees;
3. Board and lodging benefits: including food and lodging (single rooms, air-conditioning, WiFi, 24-hour hot water and other facilities are complete; the company has a cafeteria, providing ample management working meals);
4. Incentive bonuses: performance bonuses, project awards, outstanding employee awards, year-end bonuses, etc.;
5. Holiday benefits: national statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, paid sick leave, etc.;
6. Welfare activities: monthly birthday parties, annual tours, company dinners, employee development, etc., such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Women's Day and other holiday gifts;
7. Talent training: provide induction training, professional skills training, management improvement training, reserve cadre training, comprehensive literacy training, etc.;
8. Promotion mechanism: The company customizes a stepped promotion mechanism for each position. Through the cultivation and improvement of all aspects of comprehensive ability, you will get promotion in different spaces, and there will be at least one salary adjustment opportunity every year and enjoy the corresponding treatment.

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Injection Foreman No limit Guangdong Province , Shenzhen , Baoan District 1People 2021-12-01
Department: 招聘信息 Age limitation for work: 5-10 years Educational background: No limit

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for presiding over the daily affairs of this class in the injection molding department, and handing over the completion of the production tasks of the corresponding shift;
2. Arrange production according to the production order;
3. 7S work supervision and timely handling of abnormal production;
4. Supervise and guide and improve the processing skills of subordinates;

Job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school degree or above, more than 5 years of experience in injection molding foreman;
2. Skilled in operating vibration and customs injection molding machines;
3. Understand the working principle of the injection molding machine and its peripheral equipment, and be able to use it proficiently;
4. Have a strong sense of quality and ability to execute.

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